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The great LWFW NVH deal
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So it appears that most if us, when we changed our flywheels over to single mass or lighter have experienced "the box of rocks" effect. Now I know the tendency is to blame the flywheel because that's what happened after you changed it out, seems fairly obvious.

However, my noise began as a slight rattle or vibration, and it stayed that way for many months, but when i moved and drove cross country, the problem exacerbated and its very loud. I took it to a place to check it out and they put it on the lift with a driver to put it in gear and it is not from the flywheel, but the center differential inside the transmission.

The bearings are wearing out, which I believe is happening to many of us. However, can we reverse the noise issue by reverting back to OEM clutch/flywheel and oem bushings?

Has anyone reverted back to OEM and had the problem ho away?
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