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I reset my computer last night and drove home, still had the same feeling, wasnt to worried cause I didnt drive it much. This morning before I left for work, I pulled the MAF out and cleaned it real quick and replaced the o-ring because I saw a small chunk missing from it. Drove my half hour 25 mile drive to work. It only really does the studder under really light throttle(vac between 20-15). When Im accelerating it is smooth but thats how it was before. Maybe it is something in the tune, because I had it when I was at stage 2 on a protuned map. Now having the hta68 and 850's its still the same. Im going to see if my tuner will unlock my tune and maybe one of you guys can take a look at it.

Also I noticed when Im at a really light throttle cruising(vac around 20-15) my A/F correction jumps alot more than when Im accelerating, it goes from like 0-8% under light throttle and when accelerating its like 0-3%. Im wondering if thats why its studdering.