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Originally Posted by 91boostedb20 View Post
I have been fighting this studder issue for a long time now too, anywhere between 2100-2500rpms under light throttle I get it. I had my tuner look at this when he tuned for my hta68 and said there is nothing he could see wrong. My A/F correction is always right near 0% + or - 5% at most. My car is an 05, with that being the case the load correction table only goes to 2000 rpm from what I have found, my studder doesnt occur until after that, is there a reason I should even change it. My tune is locked out because I didnt tune it, Im sure my tuner wouldnt have a problem changing the table to zero's, but would it really be necessary, being my studder doesnt fall into that table? I have no problem changing it myself if I could, I actually might see if he will unlock the tune anyway that way I can just look at whats going on. Today on my way to work I was watching my A/F ratio and while in the rpm range of the studder, it would fluctuate from 14 to around 15.2. Doesnt seem like much but when it would go lean it would studder.
It is very easy and cheap to find out. Thirty nine inches of fuel injection hose and two clamps, covering optional. That will tell you for certain.

Then, either you or your tuner can modify the LC table... and based on rtbrjason's results on his LGT, reduce the table by 50%. Optionally, repopulate the LC tables with your specific data... jason will help should you need.

Do it. Post your results.