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My name is Jason Griffith...I'm the Engineering Director here at Nameless Performance. Figured I'd jump in here to discuss a bit.

We're certainly going to need to get a different design together to fit the cutouts in the LGT/3.6R properly. The '08-10 WRX pipes in these videos seem to work 'ok' but really, a design we do specifically for the LGT is going to be better. We'll get that dialed in on Fischbach's LGT on Monday and then I think 5" mufflers should be on the schedule as soon as we get our next 5" tubing order in (I'd throw a 5" set on his car Monday, but all of our pre-built mufflers are spoken for currently).

We will certainly be doing the downpipe and CAI/SRI on the LGT. I'd love to try them out on the 3.6R. One of our vendors that came by here one day had a 3.6R. Can't remember if he was one of the guys from Fedex or who it was. Header on those is a little bizarre.

Either way, here's a full twin helmholtz resonated muffler delete for the Genesis 3.8R that we put together a while back that sounds absolutely wicked outside the car but is nearly silent at cruise and loaded accel/decel. Zero drone....thanks to science!

Obviously running full muffler delete on a late model LGT or 3.6R is probably not most of your collective cups of tea. But the technology to cancel drone is the same with or without mufflers to limit exterior noise. Pics of the twin helmholtz band stop resonators from that Genesis 3.8R exhaust:

For the LGT and 3.6R, I'd like to get them dialed in to where the sound is just right. With the LGT being EL header, we can't get away with that boxer rumble taking care of the frequency situation on the exhaust. micwithoutthek, what kind of phone do you have? I've got some good frequency analysis tools and I'd like to hear some feedback from you on whether it's got drone points across the powerband, etc. Then we measure the frequency and see what we can do to accommodate it. I know we can make the best sounding exhaust on the market for the 3.6R if we can play around with some of the details.

Very excited to get into the LGT market as well - and certainly interested in making a true twin circuit downpipe for the front mount turbo LGT's and FXT's.

So it's nice to meet you all, I'm excited to get on here and talk exhaust science more frequently. I know most of you already know Ryan. He'll probably be able to spend more time on here answering your sales questions and such, but if you have any technical questions or product development inquiries, I can also be reached via this PM account, or at

Jason Griffith
Engineering Director
Nameless Performance, Inc.

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