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Steering Wheel Shake/PS Squeal
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Hey ladies and gents... So quick little situation, see what some may be able to make of it?

I'd like to prefix that I'm marginally familiar with belt squeal issues etc, and I HAVE done some reading in other threads related to the Power steering system... But not only am I having a hard time finding a thread that DIRECTLY relates to my symptoms... I actually have already brought my car into Sears (Which was relatively useless) to have this little situation looked at...

So as most can probably imagine yes I'm hearing some squeal and what not... But here's exactly what I've heard/seen and found out so far...

At a stop (In park) or very slow (Idling) turns or tight parking scenarios, the car is squealing... Ok so keeping this mind...

Also while doing those same things, when the turning the wheel slowly nearing the point of lock out, or some time before, I will get a very sudden "Shudder or Jolting" in the steering wheel accompanied by what would seem to be a belt screetch.. This goes away as fast as it comes on, barely a second and then the wheel continues to turn smoothly with no noise... Can be easily repeated going both directions with the steering wheel.

So additional information:

I have replaced the belts recently with some run of the mill auto part replacements just recently.. I don't remember ever having this issue prior...

That said, I did take it into Sears auto center just to have them take a quick peak while I was running around, and the belt seemed to be as tight as necessary and the fluid a little low (Minimum hot range).

Other then that they really had no explanation for it
They suggested I replace the brand new belts with OEM belts... Seems a little ridiculous.

But it was also noticed, that the pump had a noticeable amount of "Moisture" or seepage surrounding the area.

With the symptoms mentioned and some of the photo's I'm going to attach, have any of you experienced these EXACT symptoms with the PS system?

I'd also like to note that while moving I NEVER experience any of these symptoms (Noises or Steering wheel shudder)

I haven't got the time yet, but the next things I plan to try to do, are clean the pump/area off with some cleaner, and also try to replicate the issue, while watching the pump, to see if there is any visible "Seizing" going on...

THOUGHTS at this point?

I wonder if I'm going to be in the market for a new pump ugh...

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