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03 GT Intermittent oil light
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I noticed my oil light coming on for a few seconds and then off for a couple mins and then it was back on for a couple seconds. Not going to lie, it started after I was doing some donuts on a snow covered parking lot. I wasn't beating on it too bad, I beat my last one ten times worse than this and I rolled 318k with it.
The light did not follow RPMS at all, meaning it didn't come on at idle and go away with a bump of the throttle.

I hooked up a pressure gauge and I am getting the following readings with warm oil.
5-8 at idle
Slowly increasing rpms it will climb to 20 and fall back to around 10-15
Rapid acceleration it will also jump to 20 and fall back to 10 -15
At no point did it go over 20psi.

I haven't pulled the pan yet or took the pump apart but I'm hoping it is something other than worn Internals. It only has 115k on it. It had a head-gasket replacement this summer, I also did a timing belt kit and resealed the oil pump.

Any thoughts??
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