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Cobb AccessPORT before & after
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Received my SUB-002 last night and I wanted to share before and after results from 0-60 and 1/4 times measured with my GTech Pro SS.

To set the stage: 2005 LGT, 5AT, 120K miles. Only mod is a drop-in AEM dryflow filter. Had numerous issues with a cyl misfire between 100K tune-up and 119K miles, that for whatever reason was cured when a local engine builder guaranteed me that using Bosch copper plugs instead of the NGK IR would solve the problem and he was correct, the car was smooth! He said the car, with that kind of mileage, simply didn't burn as clean/good as it did when newer and that the car was running a little richer than it should.

Ok, down to results. I did my best to do each run for comparison as identical as possible. It was 3 degrees cooler on the last runs. We do not have 91 octane here so 93 has always been ran in the car and that's what I chose. Stage 1, 93.

All stock run with AEM filter. 0-60 with me and one passenger on a deserted country road. 6.23 seconds
1/4 run before accessport 14.7 @ 93.2mph

0-60 after accessport, same conditions, same passenger 5.47 seconds.
1/4 run after 14.01 @ 96.4mph.

I didn't do the runs for comparison to other similar cars or for exact numbers. Just a comparison to show others measurable results.

0-60 6.23 stock
0-60 5.47 Stage 1 93
1/4 14.7 @ 93.2 stock
1/4 14.01 @ 96.4 Stage 1 93

Now, my only issue so far is that under a light load the car feels "jerky" like there is a slight miss. Imagine that with my previous issues.
After driving the car about 50 miles last night I got a CEL. I checked it with the accessport and it gave me a code, p0171, "running to lean, Bank 1".

I cleared it and came to work in it this morning as a passenger with the accessport logging info. The A/F ratio almost always stayed around 14.6 to 14.7. When letting off the gas completely, such as going down a hill or coming to a stop sign, it would go to 20.7 and under full acceleration it would drop to 11.0 but again, it was almost always in the mid 14's.

I'm wondering if it has something to do with a new tune and the copper plugs or if the car needs time to make adjustments to the A/F mixture?? Or if the AEM filter is the culprit? Maybe there is another tune I can choose since I have the filter. When I spoke with Cobb last night, they suggested I go with Stage 1, 93.

Regardless, the immediate acceleration was crazy as it sprinted to 60 3/4 second faster. I couldn't believe how much stronger the car felt.

If anyone has ideas on what I can check with that accessport, please let me know. This is my first experience with something like this so any help is appreciated.

I attached pictures of all 4 runs.
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