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Originally Posted by boxkita View Post
^^^ let me know how that priority list works out for you when the alien shows up.

BTW, have you seen Turn 2's latest schedule? You might want to get another set of the DTC pads for the ORP days. :-)
I have, very cool! ORP would be fun. a bit of a trip but it looks beautiful in the vids.
not sure what my DTC look like as they are still on the LGT from the last track day. too dark and cold to swap them then. but no biggy. once I get the new dailies on ill see what ive got.

more important I need to figure out a wobble in the steering/front end. after my 1st session end of Nov I started to notice a wobble when braking. it would worsen extremely if I trail broke ( or just broke hard in a corner to feel it out). at the begging of a session it would be minor. but as something heated up it would get bad. after 15mins it was at its worse.

I took the brakes off, swapped flipped a few times with no affect. I could get no wobble out of the front bearings while jacked up and tugging. suppose it could still be a wheel bearing (specially as heat increases).
maybe LCA bushings? as heat builds would those weaken?

could be an alignment issue as well.

I was hoping I could replicate on the streets but haven't found a safe corner to hit at 80 and brake. with that said I think I feel a bit of wobble braking on off ramps and some pulling but haven't put many miles on it in months. so perhaps alignment still.

ohh heres my drama. not to mention my AFT heat buildup...but its not a problem in this weather.