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Originally Posted by LibertyFLS View Post
Soooo clean!!! This is beautiful!!! I can't wait to go back to Japan this summer and try to find the clear corner tail lights at the local UpGarage. It's going to be fun to have 2 cars to shop for this time....

What's your wheel width and tire size? I have 215's on 18x8" and thought I'd get a little bit of stretch considering the 215 on 19x9" on my VIP car is extremely stretched. I didn't think 1" narrower would be such a big difference, but my tires are basically straight, not bulged at all but very straight and I way prefer how stretch looks.
Thanks! I've seen only once that lights. rare part.
9.5 215/45. What aspect ratio of your tires?

Originally Posted by TurboLag23 View Post
Very nice

Aftermarket parts question. One time, on my travels through the intwebs, I saw a picture of a wagon that looks a lot like yours (JDM Legacy). But it had one key piece of aftermarket that intrigued me. It was a piece of trim that was painted the body color, and covered the red center part of the rear tail light bar to make it look like the Gen. 3 had just a traditional set of headlights. IMO, it REALLY improved the look of the back end of the car.

Where would I find something like this, or who would make something like this? I really want one for my USDM Outback.
Thanks dude. I think that is a blitzen wagon tail lights. OEM part man.