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Originally Posted by BarManBean View Post
sounds kind of shady. if the turbo put bits of metal into the motor the shortblock could be on borrowed time, hard to say really especially if he's not being forthright with you. A compression test likely won't tell you much as far as that goes, changing the oil is a better bet I think. Although both are a good idea before buying a used turbo subaru.

where are you located?

Western NY. I've gotten a little more info out of him and hope to completely clear it up this Thursday when I go look at it. He says it was never driven with blown turbo . I need more info like, how eexactly it was blown ... Maybe and hopefully no metal even came off it. Just trying to figure out how I can find out in case he plays stoopit. It would be great if I knew it was a non issue, since I would just get a new turbo in that case. I car faxed it and it appears it had rregular maintenance done at the subie dealership, which I like