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Originally Posted by BAC5.2 View Post
No, No No. NOT .25" of tread depth variation.

The OLD Subaru requirement was 1/4" CIRCUMFERENCE difference. That's imperceptibly little variance, about 1/125", in tread depth. If the difference in depth is greater than 1/64th, it violates the old requirement. Most people believe, and are probably correct, that you are safe to +/- 1/32nd.

The NEW Subaru stance, requires all four tires to have the same degree of wear. There is no allowance for variation, make, model, or size. That stance is fairly definite.

To be safe, I'd replace all 4. It's costly, but the OEM tires on any Subaru leave a lot of the cars performance on the table.

Interesting... is there a way for them to 'grind' the tire down to match the other three's depth? I'd hate to replace all 4 tires when they're in such good shape still with just over 15,000 miles on them.