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rear windshield wiper fluid sprayer has a mind of its own
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Hey fellas, the hatch lock mechanism on my 97 wagon wasn't working right since I bought the car a few months ago. It wouldn't properly open or close and sometimes it would just lock shut. I took apart the mechanism and it was severly corroded from water damage. Well with a wire brush and some elbow grease I got it all sorted out and greased up so next I wanted to figure out where the water was coming from and I then I found that while driving the rear windshield washer sporatically dribbles water all over the back of the hatch, the water will then run down and straight for the hatch lock mechanism.
had anyone else had this problem? Is this common? I checked the wiring that pumps from the fluid reservoir and it was corroded and gunked to hell so I got that all cleaned up and I'm hoping that resolves the problem. Anyone with any info or opinions would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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