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2006 legacy wagon totaled by snow plow
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First let me say that i miss my subbie like my best friend died in the car accident we were involved in on xmas day! unfortunately due to financial troubles i could no longer keep full coverage on my wagon.. so unless the state plow truck driver turns out to be at fault I am basically up a creek without a paddle

still not doing so hot after the accident.. the scenario was coming around a blind corner at about 35mph onto a sudden change of road surface ( dry pavement to packed slick snow ) down shifted to third as i saw a full size state snow plow enter the road 1000 feet ahead in the middle of the road. there was virtualy no time to react and no where to go.. if i could have ditched the car i would have but the skid left me with no options .. other than to hit the breaks which caused a skid ( abs didnt kick in for somereason) the car began to slide towards the passanger slide where my fiance and 16 month old daughter were seated... i had just enough time to pull the ebrake and swing the car around to the drivers side so that i took the full impact in the drivers door. thank god my family was not hurt seriously.. however i did take a pretty nasty hit. my head went through the window fracturing my skull and nearly removing my ear .. fun fun...

the door and sideskirt area were pushed in about a 1.5 feet my head went through the window . fractured skull and other serious head trauma. for whatever reason the airbags did not deploy.

i am lucky to be alive!! will post up pics later..

my one real question for any of you with actual knowledge of the subbie airbag systems.. shouldnt side curtain air bags have been deployed.. it was somewhere between a 25 and 40 mile per hour T-bone style accident

the car was bought used in 2010 with 64k on it from a new car subbie dealer.. ( there was no record of a carfax reported accident but i realized after a few months of ownership that the bumpers front and rear had been resprayed ) the metal flick in the obsidian black did not match the rest of the car ) possible previous accident.

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