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5MT & 6MT owners: interest in clutch switch bypass plug?
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EDIT Aug. 9, 2017
If my pics don't show up, please install a Photobucket Fixer extension for your browser. Free plugins are available for Chrome and Firefox.

I made a jumper connector that bypasses the clutch starter interlock switch, which allows the vehicle to be started without depressing the clutch pedal. I found the proper mating connectors, so this is plug-and-play. It does not require any cutting, splicing or soldering of your vehicle wiring, thus it is 100% reversible.

UPDATE 10 November 2017
I'm increasing prices of both versions by $1 to offset the multiple postage rate increases that I have been absorbing over the past 4+ years of making these.
The "bypass only" plug is $8 and the "selectable bypass" harness is $11, Paypal'ed & shipped in the USA. If you don't use Paypal, PM me to make alternate arrangements. I will ship internationally at slightly higher cost.

The selectable version will let you switch between having the clutch-starter interlock bypassed, or functioning like stock so your kid/wife/valet can't accidentally start the car in gear. It might also be convenient for those of you living in states where the safety inspection might include testing the starter interlock function. The selectable harness will have two red pigtail wires approximately 18" in length, to which you will have to add the switch of your preference. This is to keep the price down while accommodating different folks' tastes in switch style/appearance and mounting location.


  • Some Subaru owners have reported their clutch interlock switch getting out of adjustment or developing contact issues over time that cause intermittent failures to start.
  • Bypassing that switch may or may not result in any measurable increase in throwout bearing lifespan, but keeping the load off of the TOB during startup certainly can't hurt and these Subaru TOBs need all the help they can get.
  • This will also keep the axial load of the pressure plate off of your crankshaft thrust bearing during startup, when it's not getting any oil pressure.
  • This will allow you to get the vehicle rolling using a quick bump with the starter and then clutching in, useful for moving the car a short distance (for example, into or out of the garage) without putting a cold start on the engine.
  • Sometimes you just want to reach in the car, pop it in neutral, and start it without having to put your ass in the seat. For example, to get it warming up while you brush off the snow.
  • So your passenger can start the car to get it warming up, or run the heat or A/C while waiting for you.
Will fit any Subaru that uses OEM clutch switch # 83281AA010. As far as I can tell, that's just about every recent Subaru with a manual transmission. I have found cross-references for 1994-2009 Legacies as well as Imprezas and WRXs/STIs, Outbacks, Foresters and Bajas made between those years. Based on GTEASER's pics of his 2012 6MT this should also work for you 2010+ owners. Interestingly, it looks like it will also fit 1982-84 Standards, GLs, DLs, and Brats! I don't have any info for model years 1985-1993. But if your clutch switch looks like either of these shown below with the offset T-shaped contacts, you're good to go.

If you're interested in buying, please post a reply or PM me.

Bypass only ($8)
1. Daniels (paid, shipped)
2. Charged (paid, shipped)
3. spc2125 (paid, shipped)
4. LouzGT (paid, shipped)
5. dhallett00 (paid, shipped)
6. Byll (paid, shipped)
7. mr_hicksta (paid, shipped)
8. NWSPECB (paid, shipped)
9. sigmafour (paid, shipped)
10. grantman10 (paid, shipped)
11. 06Legacy (paid, shipped)
12. jleighton88 (paid, shipped)
13. Lwolf25 (paid, shipped)
14. hal9e3 (paid, shipped)
15. derkahn (paid, shipped)
16. Bonkerz1005 (paid, shipped)
17. Swannee225 (paid, shipped)
18. Snakebit12 (paid, shipped)
19. Goatcrapp (paid, shipped)
20. Hepy117 (paid, shipped)
21. MGT (paid, shipped)
22. SilverCard (paid, shipped)
23. freshADR (paid, shipped)
24. pog0 (paid, shipped)
25. paxwagon (paid, shipped)
26. paxwagon (paid, shipped)
27. liftedturbod93 (paid, shipped)
28. MarcoLGT (paid, shipped)
29. Daniels (paid, shipped)
30. (PM me if interested)

Selectable bypass ($11)
1. GTEASER (paid, shipped)
2. Kelvrick (paid, shipped)
3. bucko3the7man (paid, shipped)
4. Darksabre (paid, shipped)
5. amidroc (paid, shipped)
6. Turkeylord (paid, shipped)
7. hassa (paid, shipped)
8. DarkChief22 (paid, shipped)
9. Shawn06SpecB (paid, shipped)
10. crashdumbe (paid, shipped)
11. Gregroot198521 (paid, shipped)
12. jojorios (paid, shipped)
13. Zee199969 (paid, shipped)
14. WillieLegacy (paid, shipped)
15. bloobaruGT (paid, shipped)
16. gc8man81 (paid, shipped)
17. Rhody (paid, shipped)
18. A_A_ron (paid, shipped)
19. tmascal (paid, shipped)
20. (PM me if interested)
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