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Originally Posted by monkeyposeur View Post
The 22Ts are non interference so if your timing belt snaps there won't be any internal engine damage.

There is also a really easy "Power" mode mod that you can do to get the 4EAT to hold the gears longer and drive sportier. You just ground pin #4 of the TCU. I just did it and it is super cool. I'll do a write up on how to do it soon. I'd love to swap in a 5MT but I gave the SS to my wife and she likes the auto.
Oh, well thats good. Ill still pull the cover off and see how it looks. Id still rather fix it then having it towed back to my house.
Theres alot i could do to this car. Ill do a remote start and a turbo timer. but mostly im just gunna drive it daily.

edit. Im also afraid the turbo will be shot. Im not familiar with turbo cars as this will be my first one (and im just 19 and an amateur home mechanic wannabe). But i know enough that if you put the wrong oil in or dont let your car cool down at idle before shutting it off you can damage it. How would i know if the turbo is bad? would it just be dog slow or noticeable? Im going to look at it this saturday. Anyone else want to add to things i should take a close look at?

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