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#2 cylinder burnt valve - what else to do while engine is out
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I have the dreaded burnt exhaust valve issue on my 2005 Legacy GT with 126K miles on it. I have been running Coob stage 2 since about 25K miles. I have removed the engine and the head and found part of one exhaust valve gone on the #2 cylinder. I want to keep the car for at least another 100K miles so I am wondering how far to take the repair and what other work I should do while the engine is out. I am going to tkae the head to a machine shop tomorrrow but I have never had head work done before

-should I replace both exhaust valves for #2 and also the exhaust valves for #4 cylinder?

-Do the valve guides and/or the valve seals need to be replaced?

-should I touch the intake valves or leave them alone?

-should I send the injectors (stock) out to be checked?
(I only recently got a P0302 code and long after the rough idle problems started, teh spark plug looks the same as the other 3)

-If a leak down test is Ok on the other head should I leave it alone? I would prefer not to touch it

-What other work should I do while the engine is out?
( I am planning a new clutch, and I did the timing belt, water pump, idler pulleys at 105K miles)

Thanks for all help and advise on this
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