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Originally Posted by LosAngelesLGT View Post
Hmm, guess he shouldn't care hmm?

Apparently you missed me telling him not to care? Maybe you need to "Grow the f*uck up?

Your posts make much more sense when you are taking your meds.


Little late to the party is seems.

In the mean time, I'll be out modifying my car instead of paying somebody to do it.

Have fun with your overly expensive car full of bolt ons. You can target me all you want. You probably dont even change your own engine oil.

Having been a part of various message boards over the years, there always seems to be a group of hot-headed trolls with nothing better to do than pick on people (rarely offering any actual advice). I've dealt with it on a forum that I moderate on. Such a shame the immaturity on these boards coming from people that claim to be adults.

Oh and thank you for the lovely PM. Its really heart warming to know somebody with no life is targeting me on the internet. I look forward to you wasting your time trying to troll me as I sit back with a beer laughing at how worthless you really are. If I need advice on what color to paint my fmic pipes or fuel lines I'll be sure to PM you.

OP: Sorry for taking this OT.

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