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Be warned, these old turbo leggys are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to work out a lot of bugs. $2065 isn't that bad of a deal. It all depends on if you think it is worth it.

Don't get me wrong, I love the old tleggys. The 22T is pretty bulletproof.

Here is my experience with my '93 SS that I bought for $2300. It had 160k, 4EAT, a new timing belt, pulleys, etc. New brake pads and rotors, and pretty new tires. I figured it was a pretty good deal and I was dying to have an SS. My buddy eekay found it out in Colorado where he lives and checked it out, test drove it, and bought it for me. A friend of mine gets free plane tickets and she offered to fly to Denver and drive it back to SLC for me. She drove it about 70 miles and the head gaskets failed. Luckily she had a friend in Denver that had a large trailer and he hauled it out to SLC.

Long story short, I decked the heads, replaced the HGs, and every single other seal/gasket I could get my hands on while the engine was out. New timing belt, pulleys, tensioner, etc. Put the engine back in and it ran like crap. It was slow as hell. So I replaced all the pcv lines, the cracked turbo inlet elbow (notorious for breaking, no longer produced by Subaru), cracked air intake into the throttle body, all of the vacuum lines, most of the coolant lines. It started to run a little better, but I would still get this horrible boost leak/misfire upon hard acceleration, and sometimes under light acceleration.

Recently it wouldn't accelerate. So I replaced the fuel filter, and installed a Walbro 255 fuel pump. Better. Problem was still there. Checked the injectors and all four were out of spec. Replaced all of them. Still better, but misfire still there. Checked the coil pack and it was out of specs. Replaced it with a Diamond coil pack from a 5MT. Better, but problem was still there. Upper radiator hose blew apart and the engine overheated. Replaced the last of the original coolant lines and thanked my lucky stars the engine wasn't toast (wife was driving it when it happened). Installed a boost gauge. Grounded pin #4 of the tcu to a rocker switch so I can access "Power" mode (which is awesome BTW, a must do for anyone w/4EAT )

So I built a boost leak detector and pressurized the system yesterday and I finally found the major boost leak that has been causing all my problems. The turbo inlet gasket cover was on finger tight! I tightened it up and the car is finally running like a SS should, almost. I can get up to the stock 8.7 psi of boost now. I still get the boost leak, but hopefully that will be fixed once and for all. The gasket is toast so I ordered a new one, should be here Friday.

Now you may not have any of the problems that I ran into and be just fine. But the head gaskets on the 22Ts are prone to failure (leak internally), all of the coolant lines, pcv hoses, vacuum lines, air intake are old and brittle as **** and hard to find replacements for.

All that being said, now that my SS is almost back to it's former glory I couldn't be happier. It is a pretty fun car and pretty damn fast. But it has been way more work than I ever imagined and cost me thousands of dollars that I wasn't expecting to dump into it, and that is with me doing ALL of the work myself. I could have bought a WRX with all the money I have put into the SS (but the SS is cooler, ha ha) However, I have learned a ton about Subaru engine mechanics and am confident that I can fix just about any mechanical issue.

Holy long winded post!