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Originally Posted by norge2000 View Post
I have been leasing my 2011 Subaru Legacy for 1.5 years now. overall I have been pleased with the car, especially the gas mileage, averaging about 30-32 mixed driving. Just before Thanksgiving, I had the misfortune of hitting a deer head on. Wrecked the front of the car. The car was at the body shop for almost an entire month, waiting on parts from Subaru. I followed up with the Subaru dealer that was supplying the parts to the body shop, and ended up with multiple stories about the delays. the main one being the Subaru NA parts warehouse was being relocate. Fine. But when I caught the parts guy in a lie, it makes me wonder. Some of the parts took 3 weeks. What pissed me off was they lied to me, and due to the delays, my insurance coverage for the rental ran out so I had to eat $500 in rental insurance. I work on cars as a hobby, this was a less than two week job max. Something I confirmed with the body shop.

I have not been impressed or pleased with the local Subaru dealers here in NC since I moved here a year ago. The one I dealt with in NY was great, but down here they all seem to lack interest in customer satisfaction. I am comparing this to the service I get from the Toyota dealership for my wife's car in NC. They provide what I would expect the dealer to provide, excellent service and do not BS me.

When the lease is up, i was planning on a Subaru Outback, but now am looking at other cars. I usually perform my own service, but when I do need the dealer, I expect them to be upfront and provide the requested services, not BS. Dealers usually never factored into my purchasing of a vehicle, but with less time to work on the cars myself, I now have to consider it when I purchase a vehicle.
Can I ask which Subaru dealer you dealt with? I just had a miserable experience with Randy Marion subaru. They tried to charge me twice for putting an oil cooler o-ring in. They "upsold" me on the job when I had it in for other work, then I bought it back 3 weeks later because the smoking still persisted, and they did the "work" again without even telling me they knew why it was still smoking. Then I had to call the next day to "check" and see if they had even narrowed down the cause of the smoke. That's when they proceeded to tell me that they "fixed the problem" and I could pick the car up. Then I get there and he tells me that the oil cooler was leaking and they "fixed" it. Then charged me another 90 on top of the 75 I already paid them.

I then fought with them for a few days and he agreed to "refund" my money under the condition I "never brought my car back again". (Like I planned on it )

I worked for nissan for many years on the parts side and if a car came back with the exact same problem, and had work on the exact same "area"(in this case, both times they put "gaskets" on the oil cooler), it was referred to as a comeback. The tech and service dept. had to eat the cost of whatever repairs that were done because clearly it was misdiagnosed. So needless to say, my experience has not be stellar either. Then, to top it all off, I still have a leak (causing smoke) after taking it to them twice. Now I'm not sure if they have done anything that I paid them for.

They also used to be some sh!thole used car dealer that had some help buying the franchise. But it's experiences like this that will turn off even the most loyal customers. Much less the average "run of the mill" customers that subaru is trying to break into now. I only ask because you said your experience is in NC, and that's where I am. So I was wondering if it's the same dealer.