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Originally Posted by Kastley85891 View Post
I am sure you base your comments of direct experience in setting up your own vehicles in terms of hardware and tuning? as do I.
If not, then with all respect , you can not accurately comment on a subject you clearly know little about.

I'm not going to get into a debate, the OP asked advice, I gave some based of my 'actual' experience over a good few years of working on these vehicles, not paying someone to do it for me.

The Subaru boost control is a great tool from the factory, the ECU is very powerful, this is ample for 95% of end users, however it can be improved on for specific set ups/ power goals., this includes MBCs
Sure the OP does not need to change his controller but he has, its his choice and his car can run well with it, If set up correctly.
Unfortunately, the forums have a lot of mis information based of hear say.
Just state facts. I'll throw some out there.
  • Hardware wise, the stock BCS can be replaced easily with a 3 port EBCS like I've done. Many options for this are available, with the cheapest being the GM BCS.
  • Tuning the stock or a 3 port BCS well requires more work than just tossing in an MBC and setting all the WGDC values at WOT to 100% and turning a knob.
  • Completely eliminating the BCS disables all the failsafes built into the ECU. If your IAM dips below 1 due to bad gas, you will still be producing full boost. In the OP's case, he hit fuel cut and should've thrown a CEL which on a BCS controlled vehicle would've dropped him to WG boost.
  • Completely eliminating the BCS disables the compensations the ECU allows for. The OP likely would've never had this problem in the first place because the WGDC temperature compensation table would've prevented the problem.
  • Partial Throttle Full Boost (PTFB) is a concern with an MBC.

As far as my own experience, I've never messed with an MBC before. Why? Because the BCS works well. The stock BCS worked well when I was dialing in WGDC myself, and the only reason I replaced it with a GM 3 port was for troubleshooting, and to also give me a little more headroom and control, and now I've dialed that in myself nicely too. And it's literally freezing cold out and I haven't overboosted despite my tune having been done during the peak of the summer 100F weather.

You don't have to get into a debate if you don't want to, that's fine. But it doesn't hurt for you to throw some facts out there too.

But don't assume that the person you're talking to doesn't know anything just because he hasn't done everything you have. I don't have to jump out of a plane with no parachute to know it's probably not a good idea.

edit: I also won't care if you decide to own me with your "actual" experience which you make it sound like you have gobs of. Seriously, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. If I'm wrong about something I've stated, correct me. I'll learn from my mistake and move on and I'll be smarter in the future from it.

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