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is it idling rough? like misfiring? oil in the compressor side will not occur if hot side turbo oil seal is shot, it will occur if you blew a piston apart. this is from excess crankcase pressure causing oil to get pushed into the pcv system and into the inlet thus sucked in the turbo compressor and shot through the intercooler. ask me how i know.

a hot side turbo seal- it will smoke at idle and be wet in the ehxaust side of the turbo, you can eliminate the turbo as an issue by removing the downpipe and looking at the backside of the turbo if its wet or not.

what Cody should do is 1. let the engine idle, remove oil fill cap, observe if there are smoke puffs. air should come out in a pulsation normally, but not with smoke. if there's smoke, there's combustion gases in your crankcase which mean one cyl has lost acceptable compression and the combustion is blowing past the piston(along with burnt oil smoke) and into the crankcase thus the oil cap.

2. compression test.
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