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Blowing smoke, no boost, and knocking noise.
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Hey all, Cody here. I'm new to the Subaru game, I know really little about the engine. I just purchased a 2007 legacy gt 5m/t. The miles are kinda high (145000). Just purchased her yesterday, and I took her to the local meet last night and went on a cruise with some buddies. The car drove fine the entire night didn't drive it like a adolescent did get into it respectfully though. Well on my way back home on a highway drive the CEL, cruise light and (S) sport light were on with the cruise and sport flashing. The car would not boost whatsoever and wouldn't go over 60mph. So I got off of the free way and rolled down the window and there is a rattle coming from the DS somewhere in the engine sounds the head? When I got home I just parked it and let it sit, so this morning I went out to check it out. As much as I could with my knowledge of the engine. The oil was fine and the CEL combo was still the same. When I started the car it rolled smoke like diesel so I immediately shut it off and looked at the turbo to see if any of the seals seemed destroyed. Didn't see anything, took it to autozone about a mile away and the CEL turned off half way there. It rolled smoke the whole way there. I'm at a complete loss I don't know what the sound could be because it doesn't do it at an idle but gets louder as I accelerate. I appreciate any words in advance, thank you.
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