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I was never a huge fan of the gray lower panels on the OBs, including my '97, but this particular OBXT is solid metallic gray. I believe the guy who showed me the car has been the primary driver. The hole in the carpet is where the right side of your foot could rub against the carpet next to the accelerator. The car was bought here in AZ and apparently only serviced at a couple different Subaru dealers, so it seems like any missing records could be gotten (he said he has all or at least most of them). Since it was replaced with a Chevy Volt, I don't think the dude is into performance...

Thanks, Doug

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You are correct that manual LGT wagons are pretty rare. I don't think OBXTs are terribly common either but I don't know how the numbers compare. I could stomach the higher ride height of the OBXT a lot easier than I could stomach that heinous lower body work that isn't the same color as the rest of the car. I guess if I was looking at manual turbo wagons and the right one came up, sure, why not. The observation that there's a hole in the carpet near the gas pedal with only 55K on the car is a good indicator that it was driven primarily by someone wearing high heels, i.e. a woman (probably). If that's indeed the case I would assume the engine is less likely to be beaten on, but I'd be looking real close at the maintenance records especially WRT oil change intervals. [/chauvanisticpig]

There's a lot to be said for keeping an old beater car that's cheap on maintenance and fuel costs, but there's also a lot to be said for ass heaters and a little torque.