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accidentally moved my boost controller! help!!
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Update: the problem turned out to be the hinge on the wastegate door.
its actually stuck! bound up inside the turbo.
the rod that connects to the actuator's lever seems to have backed out of the turbo housing.
likely cause is the wastegate hitting inside the downpipe (divorced plate) and pushed itself out of alignment.

the non functioning wastegate is why i couldn't adjust boost.
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so my car has a manual boost controller.
normally i boost around 17psi in warmer weather.
now that its colder my car is boosting MORE. sometimes as much as 20psi. i don't think thats good for it.
it is hitting 1.4 bar, an then fuel cut sometimes when i accelerate, at around 5500rpm.

i remember it getting up to 18 maybe 19psi last winter, but it wasnt a problem hitting a limiter if i romped on it. since then i've installed an uppipe and had an adjustment done to my tune. so maybe that made it more sensitive this winter? anyways...

i am no turbo guru, but i heard that in winter it (manual boost controller) might need to be turned down.

i went to inspect it before looking up how to do that... i thought the end part was a cap that needed to be taken off to get to an adjustment screw. FAIL! the whole end is the adjustment knob.

so anyways i moved it, and any reference mark that was put on it by the tuner has washed off.

how do i tune my car back to normal?
do i just turn the boost way down, and test drive it, and bring it back up until it hits 17ish?

i have an accessport.


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