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Title: sorry no golden ticket
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Nothing wrong with my critical thinking skills. Sounds like you were offended by my remarks so I apologize.

He may be going back to see what the cop based his decision on as he seems to be obsessed with looking for some kind of proof to declare his innocence.
It's not all about getting back at the man, but yes in some cases it's about the justice system failing and a little bit of money making/power. There are good cops out there and I know a few.

But the point being it REALLY doesn't matter if he did it or not... he's pretty much guilty since its a cop's word vs. his own civilian word. That's why I suggested a lawyer.

I personally have no problem getting tickets and paying lawyers myself. Especially when I know I'm in the wrong. It's a ticket money making game. If I choose to speed a bit and loose, o well. I pay a lawyer and keep my points. The court still makes their money, the cop keeps his job and everybody is happy. The truth is they need guys like us to keep generating revenue and justify the budget allowance. The worse thing they can do is get rid of our licenses and its not like I'm reckless driving a pinto 90mph drunk or something wild like that.
If this was untrue then it wouldn't be so easy to get off on tickets!

Also back on topic, I'm simply giving the OP the benefit of the doubt since he's a forum member looking for some help.