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Cooper RS3-A Review
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Even though a while back I posted a thread about buying some Continental Extreme Contact DWS for the LGT. Discount tire direct had them back ordered for so long and I went with an even cheaper option the Cooper RS3-A.

I got them from Discount Tire Direct online and had them put on by a local tire shop here, since we have no DTD's in Wisconsin. I paid about $650 plus a $100 dollar rebate gift card, which pretty much got used up in the mounting and balancing fees.

Compared to the almost wore out Bridgestone Potenzas I had on the car, these tires are night and day. Alot of that has to do with the lack of tread left on the potenzas (going from old tread to new tread, no matter the tire, will always make a difference) but at least part of it is the actual tire. The car doesn't wobble nearly as much in a hard corner, I mean THAT is noticable. Traction has improved greatly. The tire rides stiffer (which I actually wanted). Road noise hasn't really changed IMO, but I didn't think the potenzas were loud so that's not an issue.

And now to the REAL reason I bought the tires. They are GREAT in the snow (at least at full tread) we had a dumping here in Wisconsin last week (18" to around 4" depending on where you live) and I got on the throttle a few times to test it out, no slipping, no out of control feeling, and the traction control light only came on in first gear. I'm at stage 2, so getting on the gas in 1st gear, even in dry conditions can turn the TCS on. So my review is pretty positive about these tires, and I would consider them an alternative to anyone thinking about getting the continental extreme contact DWS.

I took some pictures of the tires, but I'm sure google will turn up better results.
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