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So the owners manual says that 91 octane or better is required for the LGTs from the factory. My understanding is that it was okay to put 87 in occassionally in a pinch assuming the ecu will just pull some timing (lower IAM?).

Is this still true with an aftermarket tune or is it now less safe to use a lower octane rating? Dependent on the tune or tuner? Totally safe in all cases for all tuners? How about your tunes specifically?

For example, let's say I was stage 2 and I put 93 in when I brought my car in to be BrenTuned. Then I get stuck out in the backwoods of Maine and all the local guy has is 87. Safe? Safe if I don't push it? Safe all day long and I just wont make my normal 93 power? Or totally unsafe and I should call AAA to bring me 93 from civilization?