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Originally Posted by eidaholegacy View Post
- I live where there is a lot of snow and ice on the roads many months of the year

- I heard great things about the Subaru's traction and the general quality of the cars.

- I am an extremely conservative driver

- driven on ice entire driving life of around 38 years.

- I have driven rear wheel drives, front wheel drives, and 4 wheel drives. I own at least one of each right now.

-I talked to the dealer and other Subaru owners when I bought the car about the need for snow tires and/or studs and was told I would not need them, and in fact studs were not advisable.

- I am running the tires that came on the car with about 35K miles on them. They are regular all season tires.

-concerned about how the car acts on ice when slowly turning, like into a parking space.

- I haven't see problems with pulling out from a stop or accelarating on ice, or with stability turning on ice at ice driving speeds

- but a few times now, both my wife and I have felt out of control when just creeping into a parking space on ice, as the car didn't want to turn.

-The tires seem great on snow and ice in general, just not in this specific situation.

-I have run aggressive snow tires and many times studs on most of my cars, even my four wheel drives.

-I've read in a few forums people commenting that a regular front wheel drive is much better than a Subaru all wheel drive on ice.

-I would love to hear other people's experience and advice. I'm hoping there is just something obvious I'm missing here, and that my total Subaru experience will be great.

I had to break up the O.P because when you read it like this it sounds like a load of to me.

You are running the factory all seasons on ICE with 35k on the fronts. Who knows the condition of your front tires.

You got caught up in the Subaru hype. Your over expectations are distorting your perceptions.

When it comes to tight maneuvers like parking on ICE a FWD car has an advantage. Only the front wheels are trying to pull the front of the car in the direction you want to go. You don't have the rears also pushing the car forward.

In a Subaru with tight maneuvers like that the traction control is not sensitive or quick enough to react.

I don't think ANY brand has good enough technology for those situations.

In the end doesn't matter what car you are driving in this situation it all comes down to having the RIGHT snow/ice tires. ALL Subaru owners will say BUY SNOW TIRES!!! It's the dealers who never suggest snow tires because they think that's a selling point.

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