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Title: Me obsess?? Nah....
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My in-laws live up in Lodi, so I'm in northern Cali from time to time. The next time I'm up there for any extended amount of time I'll have to try and get something organized.

A lot of things just comes down to semantics. When we say we are 'waxing' the car it doesn't always mean we are using wax. Same thing with 'polish'. Sometime you 'polish' the car with a paint cleaner and sometimes it is with a compound. They are used as terms describing an action and not a product, but not everybody realizes that. So when they say they are going to 'buff' out their car, some people will draw different conclusions as to what 'buff' means. Is it with a 'buffer' or just hand buffing? Does it mean they are polishing, waxing, or what? Confusing stuff for sure.

I've got some time to kill this week, so I think what I'll do is write it up and put it on my site. It is a question I get asked a lot and the recommendations are usually the same. In fact, I'll have to check to see if I've already written it up.
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