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2005LGT to a 2013 Impreza wrx, am I crazy?
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Background...I love my 2005LGT (5 speed) and it has 150K miles and the back left has a high speed shake that no one can fix. The P420 CEL comes and goes because of the cat sensors and the entire body under the car has minor/moderate rust and sooner than later I'll need to replace the entire exhaust system, never mind that eventually some part will fail. I drive this car very hard each day, it begs to be red-lined a few times a day and I do my best to deliver. But... I can't handle the high speed shake and don't want to be dumping +K cash into a car that is only worth 6K.

So here is my question... With no option of getting a new Legacy GT until perhaps the summer of 2014 (when the 6th generation comes out) which is risky that there will even be a GT version at the rate things are going, do you think I'll enjoy driving a 2013 Impreza WRX? Based on the specs, it looks like the closest thing I can find to my old car, do you think I will like it? Will it have a smooth/similar ride to the legacy on the highway or will it feel like I'm riding a sportscar? Ofcourse I am going to take some test drives, but I'm just curious for input from others.

Thanks for your help.
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