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Originally Posted by minuccims View Post
Ok. So I have 55k miles on Stage II. No problems. The OEM clutch can't hold the TQ so there is a little energy bleed off until the clutch is replaced.

So far, the tranny has held up. I would suspect 4th and 5th to have issues first. The boost is max before 3k. These gears may not take it under abuse.

There is no up pipe. The turbo is immediate after the header. Very little turbo lag, stage I and II are terrific daily drivers.

One or two have snapped a half shaft; tranny held up fine. Maybe one has had a rear diff issue.

So overall, mod away and enjoy. From a group perspective, failures are few.
That is great info, thank you! ...Seems like the weakest link would be the "clutch" but that is normal in most cars. Just wandering if the trans in our 5th. gen is close in design and strength or even borrowed from the STi trans? ...Either way and obviously from your mileage and experience it's safe up to stage 2. ...Thanks again, I appreciate all the replies.