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Any downside to stoptech rotors?
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I have an 05 GT wagon (MT) with Stage 2 mods and some "extra" including the CP4000 four pot brakes and two piece rotors on the front. The replacement rotor rings are ridiculously expensive ($400+/pair) so I am considering alternatives.

I saw the stoptech drilled one-piece rotors but see others suggesting DB4000s- given the roughly 100% price differential, is there that much of a downside to the Stoptechs rotors with 4-pot brakes?

I don't race the car nor drive it especially hard.

Lastly, for those who may be considering the Racing Brake rotors be warned that despite what they may advertise, finding pads for the 4-pot calipers is a PITA. Once found, fitting them involved much cutting of tabs, grinding of edges and swearing- D647/D460 pads do NOT fit them without modifications- at least none I could find without going back to Racing Brake. You have to grind off a tab on the inner circumference of the pad and grind off the top/bottom of the pad base in order to slide them into the calipers. Not a big deal once you've done it but definitely way beyond the usual 20minute pad change procedure.
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