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Wow, Mike, that really is impressive. No doubt, an engine and turbo can last a long time with a high OCI (as you've proven with two cars).

If you've owned the car for years, use a high OCI and check it with an OA, then, again as you've proven, you could be totally fine. But from what I've read on the forums and heard from my mechanics is that the longer your OCI, the higher chance you could run into turbo problems. Now from what I've seen over the past few years in Subarus and beyond, looking at a turbo car with a high OCI is sometimes paired with a car that hasn't been cared for very well (doesn't apply to you, Mike, I'm sure you treat your car great. From the pics I've seen, it's in great shape). From what the OP says, the car doesn't seem too bad off, and has relatively low milage. So it could be in perfect mechanical condition, and might not give you any problems. But personally, when I'm looking at buying a used car that I don't know all too much about, I like to see religious maintenance. After all, if the previous owner slacked on the OCI, what else could they have slacked on? A car is obviously a large investment, and I just like to buy one that I know has been treated right. Of course, that doesn't stop things from breaking (just spent $800 to replace a bad bearing in the transmission...), but personally, it just offers a little peace of mind. $40 to change my oil every 3,000 or 3,500 miles with synthetic isn't that tough to do, and IMO, helps protect the car that much better (I guess we'll see how long my turbo lasts ).

This is totally just my opinion, don't mean to disrespect any of you long OCI guys, cause we've seen that work well for people too. But that's my take on buying a new turbo Subaru anyways. I waited almost a year before I found the "right" car at a great price. I think patience can really pay off. However, Kamen, if you think you'd be getting a good deal, then go for it! Treat it well and I'm sure you'd be fine.