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Advice on Wax and Paint
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Alright everyone i need some help and some advice. My first question is what do you think the "best" way to go about touching up the paint on my car. I have a few scratches on my car. the worst being this one (picture below) i cant tell if its key or not but its not deep at all. i was recommended to get a touch up pen from the dealership with my exact paint color. anyone have good luck with these?

ok so my next question has to do with wax and kind of coincides with the first question. I accidentally touched the corner of my garage pulling in and got some residual paint on the front bumper. i also tapped a pillar in a parking garage resulting in the same effect (pictures below) i know i know really dumb. so my question is in which combination of "cleaning wax" and touch up paint should i use to get the best result. and on the same note what are recommendations for cleaning wax and finishing. nothing crazy expensive. just something solid and run of the mill i.e. armor all or meguiares. and if someone could give me a some good methods applying and also taking off.

I just bought this today off of someone on craigslist. Seems like it will get the job done. hope this size and an electric is ok? also what type of pads should i buy? i would assume that it would be better to use a more abrasive for the cleaning process.

Please before anyone responds, please be nice and only leave positive helpful comments.

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