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Originally Posted by BarManBean View Post
Buy a compressor. That's really the only way to actually fill them up "cold".

Where are you at in NOVA, anyway?
Near Tysons Corner

Originally Posted by road race legacy View Post
When you get to the gas station put 5psi over the recommended pressure. Check them the next morning. If its too much take some out. If its still low go back to the gas station and add some more.
Got it.

Originally Posted by iNVAR View Post
Compressor is the best way, even just a portable pump is fine, but what I used to do before I got one is this:
1) Check pressure. Let's say you're looking to get 35/33 and you're currently reading 33/31. That means you're down 2 PSI all around, right?

2) Drive to the gas station. Hopefully it's pretty close by.

3) Check the pressure again. It'll probably be reading 35/33 or something like that by now. Make a note of the new pressure and add 2 to it. So in other words, after you arrive at the gas station, you're reading 35/33. Fill your tires to 37/35 instead because remember, you were missing 2 PSI before. If you're not sure, you should add some more air in because it's always better to overinflate a bit. You can always let air back out without a pump!!

4) The next day, after the car is completely cool, check the pressure again. Hopefully it's on target. If it's too high, let out some air to the appropriate target pressure. This is why I said to overinflate a bit to be sure. You can always let out the air now.

Station is about 1.5 miles away, so I'll give this a shot.

Originally Posted by Claw View Post
Build yourself one of these to ensure both sides are the same..

Originally Posted by TheOneDoubleN View Post
Buy a freaking bicycle pump and keep it in your trunk along with a pressure gauge, that's what I've done for years, works perfectly for adjustments. ~15-25 pumps = ~2-4 psi.

With regard to what psi to run, run whatever feels good to you that's at least the factory recommended, and at most the max cold psi stamped on the side of the tire (though that will probably feel absurdly stiff).

Air it up to factory spec and play in 2psi increments to find something you like. Depending on the tire, I've run anywhere from 31-45psi (Continental Extreme Contact DW's have absurdly soft sidewalls)
I have a top notch bicycle pump that actually has a gauge. Somehow I never thought to try this, I just assumped it was not powerful enough to inflate a car tire... D'oh.

Originally Posted by NWSPECB View Post
This only works if you are sitting in your car. If you open your door from the outside, it will be on the right.