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Some pointers for a potential Legacy owner
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Hi everybody,

Im in the market for a new to me car I currently have a 99 Lexus GS 300 and am looking into getting a AWD vehicle. Where I live AWD is becoming a must. I was looking into a BMW 330XI and an AUDI A4 and a Subaru Legacy. After talking to a few people about maintenance costs, reliability, and AWD snow performance it seems the Subaru is the best choice.

Of the Legacy models the GT sedan 05-09 models seems what im most interested. I a friend on mine owned a WRX STI he said the insurance was expensive how does this compare for the GT?

The price range seems to vary for this car I have seen anywhere from 6,799 - over 20K. Is there a reason for the large fluctuation (besides the, SPEC B?)

Thank you for your time.
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