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Some of you might ask WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU BAGGING IT? Simple I want to maintain a nice ride height yet I want to be able to dump my ride when I am parked. I used to be static with my wrx and it was just too much of a pain in the ass trying to navigate around speed bumps or anything else that might make me drag. With bags I can drive around low and then lift my car for anything that might get in my way. On to the install!

So today I started my Bag install process by mounting the tank and Air Compressors today. It took me a long time trying to figure out how I wanted to mount them. This is just a rough draft setup until I get my tank painted.

All the wires will be ran underneath the carpet tmrw. The entire goal of this setup is to only have the tank and compressors visible. Enough writing for today I will update this on Friday after I accomplish more work!

DAY 2:

Well today was slow yet steady, running wires and making sure everything was mounted correctly was my main goal. My right hand man Travis and I were able to get most of the wiring ran today as well as a few other things. We still need to zip tie all the wires together and make it look nice and neat. But that will be after we make sure it all works. Onto some pics.

As I said before all these wires will be cleaned up after we make sure that everything is working.

We also got the front struts all mounted up as well as my Brembo brakes and rotors.

Don't mind the surface rust. They have been sitting on my shelf since I totaled the Wrx. haha. They will clean up after the first drive around the block.

The Third thing we accomplished today was the painting of the tank. Made sure I cleaned it up real good and there was no oil spots. A couple of light dusting coats and a couple of heavy coats, this is what came out of it.

It turned out really nice and looks amazing in good light. My buddy will be taking some quality pictures of it when this is all said and done.
I also picked up some more goodies today.

Some nice lugs!

My wheel center caps.

And lastly my Fast Motorsports FMIC

Tomorrow we should have the wiring finished, and hopefully the rear struts figured out as they are a universal kit.

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