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Performance "mod-ability" of 05-09 Legacy GT for road racing
 Chevy Nick
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I'm looking for a car that I can beat "like a rented mule" on a road course and not feel bad about if I drive off track pushing it to the edge.

There seems to be a lot of potential with an 05-09 Legacy GT with turbo 2.5 motor. I intend to drive this car for 30 minutes at a time on a road course. I have a couple of general questions:
  • Brakes - are there serious track/race brake setups available? race brake pads, big brake kits, brake cooling kits, etc...
  • Suspension - are there serious suspension parts for road racing available?
  • Transmission/driveline durability - I have heard the WRX 5 speed transmissions are very fragile and can break easily. Are legacy transmissions more robust?
  • Engine power potential - I have also heard you can add bigger injectors, intercooler, up the boost to make really good power on these motors. Are these 2.5 turbo motors easy to mod and reliable at 300+hp?
  • Legacy B-spec: Are these cars worth the extra money? or while I just be removing those parts anyway?

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