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Ive had this problem since i bought it used with 82k it now has 85k and its still hanging out. I have it stock with only a cbe. Ive had the dealer check it out numerous times along with oil, plugs, injector replaced.

Tonight, i was coming home and it started. It will hesitate around 2000-25000rpm like others, BUT theres an oder. Its like a fuel/burnt smell. The more i push the throttle the less it wants to move and eventually itll move along before it shifts, taking off like a rocket. No its not the maf, no cels, yes its an auto and no i baby the piss out of it.

After about 10-15 minutes of wanting to shoot a baby, i pop the hood. Everything looks grea, beautiful. I check everything every line, hose, clamp, belt, everything! I disconnect the battery and reset the ecu. Hook it back up and take it out for a 15 minute drive. Fixed...for now it does this shit every time. Hopefully stage 2 will help things out. Any help?