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the guy had a dealers lisence so technicly he should fall under the same laws and the motor wasnt touched in the accident it was more ore less cosmetic dammage, im going to have my guy confirm that the accident had nothing to do with the engine failure if thats the case, the master tech is a friend of my dads and has known him since the late 80s and has brought a couple of his cars back frome what seamed like cirten death i trust him pretty well i jest kinda got lucky that i know some of these peolpe and i am going to use all of my resorses to eather get him to pay for the new engine or take him to court. Persionally if i were him i would just pay for the engine because its not even me that will be going to court with him its my credit union the're the ones that shelled out the cash for the car. He seamed like a nice guy but thats just messed up to take 10k frome someone for a car you know is gonna crap out in a week. i just wanna get my car up and running so that i can move on and enjoy it.

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