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such a sad sad day :-(
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So I'm a first time owner long time fan started working on subies when I was 16 and now at 23 I have a good job and I felt it was time to make my dream of driving my own suburb come true. I purchased an 05 lgt limited with 98000 miles on it. I instantly fell in love, I had the care for a full day when I had my first reality Check and was imbibed in the a front end accident that bent the frame just a little bit before the struts. Ok don't panic it's fixable about 1500 I can do that everything will be ok... WRONG!!! :'( I drove the car for about when I got an odd rattling noise at about 2000 rpm. The next day BING CEL and flashing cruise light oh boy misfire cylinder 1 oh joy flashed the code and took it up the street to see if it came on again. Well the CEL stayed off but the nois is still there along with the "infamous" legacy stutter I have no power I fear that after only one week of bliss the bearings are shot anyone that has any idea what else it could be please say something because at this point if it's the motor I might just junk the car and make payments on a broken dream for the next four years :-[
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