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Originally Posted by LibertyFLS View Post
A typical bunch of internet know-it-alls with no experience in what they're preaching against.
It doesn't actually take any experience to know that removing the suspension AND 75% of the contact patch to the ground is going to adversely affect the handling of your vehicle. Without suspension travel, your vehicle simply CAN NOT absorb any sort of impact, which is a necessity on [at least American] public roadways. The result of that is a car that hops over even the slightest of perturbations (see above video.) In addition, you are riding on the inside edges of the tires, which means you have significantly reduced the amount of grip available, and are also operating the tire outside of the envelope for which it was developed, which means improper wear, improper stress on the inner sidewall, improper traction on wet roads, and most importantly, not enough grip to recover from the slide that started when your car bounced over a pebble in the road (again, see above video.)

Didn't realize I was joining Ralph Nader's "Safety-1st" forum. I thought it would be an open minded set who respected different styles, but I guess I was wrong.
I have said, over and over, that I do appreciate all sorts of lowered cars. What I do not respect, are cars which are lowered until they become too sensitive and too uncontrollable for use on public roadways. In my humble opinion, these sorts of vehicles are no different than if I were to take the tires off of my rims entirely and drive around on just the rims, claiming that I have yet to get into an accident. I think you can understand that there are limits to "looking cool" when it comes to public safety, and I will always maintain that your car needs to at least be able to handle well enough to not spontaneously crash into other vehicles when you hit a bump, or to be able to swerve around an obstacle at the last minute without becoming an obstacle for everyone else in the process.

You guys are all preaching this safety bs, I've spent the past 10 years of my life working for the largest racing safety company in America, but I guess I just don't care about safety haha
Then you should be able to explain to me why the vehicle in the video I posted above suddenly lost control when all the driver was doing was accelerating straight ahead... and why it likely has nothing to do with the suspension modifications to his vehicle.

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