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spark knock, piston slap, and a po420!
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hi newbie to subarus here. Having trouble finding info on this site. Either a link to an existing thread or some help would be appreciated.

So I got an 02 legacy with 5spd last Wednesday. Its been a headache so far. I love the car. Its in great shape other than the motor :-(

So the second day the checl engine came on. Po420. Dealer promises to fix that.

Then I notice a screaching under load. Replaced tensioner pulley and tensioner belt. Also tightened a/c belt. Not helping at all.

Then I notice when started cold I get a piston slap. Goes away after 10-15 minutes so im guessing pistons. Also twice I heard a spark knock when pulling out from a stop sign, and seems to drop rpm kind of fast when I let off idle. This causes a delayed shift as the car heaves back.

Do I try to undo the sale? I know they wont put a new engine in it. Any advice?info? Im in love with the car but idk what to do.
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