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Stuck in pittsburgh need help
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2005 Legacy GT 5EAT
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Ok. So went out to Pittsburgh for the Steelers game and after coming home from dinner the car took a shit.

Car ran amazing after the trip out. After eating for an hour we got back in the car and I merged onto the I 376. I tried merging, but the guy would not let me over. So i shift to sport and down shift from 4th to 3rd and pull away from him. i then up shift to 4th....then try to up shift to 5th but it does not shift. I go back over to automatic. Car then is not shifting well. I then have to shift it manually.

i get to a parking lot and it is running like hell. i have a flashing CEL. Pull the code and its a cylinder #3 misfire. Clear the code...check the codes again and i get a P0700 code. Car runs rough and stalls out unless i keep it at 3k rpm.

Got the car back to the Hotel. I tried to use my APv1 to upload the stock map and it could not contact the ECU. I am out of ideas. I am going to have the car towed back to the Subaru dealer in State College so then can clear the codes.

Any other ideas I can try out tomorrow morning before I call AAA
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