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Every dealership is different, However from 2005-2010 I was a Sales Manager at 2 different dealerships selling everything from Ford to Mercedes. And I have to disagree with the lowball offerings. Or atleast how I am taking that statement as. If I was asking $21k for a car and you came in and offered me $16k, I wouldn't take you to be a serious buyer and wouldn't even think to "go ask the boss". Bring a serious, educated offer to table. The car sales in the 70's,80's,90's are nothing like they are today. Salesman are not as slimy as they use to be, and buyers are more educated and have more tools available. I agree on the regional cost but it will not make a huge factor I have lived only in MN and CO and sure maybe you can get a better deal on a Subaru in FL, but not by much. Also seasonal isnt going to be a factor with Subaru. Maybe if you were looking for a Miata or 370z you could get a better deal in the winter, but again with modern technology a guy in FL would pay to ship a 370z from MN in January. Also the problem with a used car is comparing 2 of them. The one for $19,999 and one for $23,000 will not be the same car. Only when buying new can you truly compare apples to apples.