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Originally Posted by cryo View Post
Think of it this way, the stock tune will fight you when it comes to trying to make the engine "flow better" and will actually result in very similar performance while taking the engine far away from its safe zone. The stock tune is calibrated to hit specific load values as well as boost values. As soon as those variables become uncontrollable so does the life expectency of the motor.

An aftermarket tune actually makes the computer take advantage of the modifications and works with them rather than against them.

Hope this helps.

I get all that... I had 190whp on my Jetta before I sold it so tuning and mods isn't new to me. I just find it hard to believe you can slap a downpipe on any VW/Audi car or a cold air intake and not have any issues for the life of the car. Not saying VW/Audi has better boost control or not, but there's got to be some reason...

If I need a tune to do a downpipe and up pipe, I'll get it. I just want to know why the ECU can't adjust when other brands' cars can. A coworker tells me it's because the internal waste gate is woefully undersized.

I just like having multiple opinions versus going off one guy's word.