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Car stalls when shifting into reverse?(auto)
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Hey guys, new guy here with a question.
My girlfriend recently bought an 05 LGT with around 120k miles.
Very clean car, runs strong. Completely stock except for a K&N Typhoon cold air intake.

This past week she started having some problems. When shifting into reverse to back out of the driveway the cars rpm's would drop a little and the car would vibrate a little more, like it wanted to choke. And a few days ago i got in the car, put it in reverse and the engine stalled out. Yesterday the car stalled on her 4 times in a row before she could leave for work.

What gives?? Any one have any experience with this problem? I always drive manual transmission cars and i have no experience with auto tranny problems at all.

Might be worth it to mention there is a burnt oil smell coming into the cabin with the vent on and car idling (not moving) but the previous owner said the valve cover gaskets were recently changed and some oil got onto the exhaust and it needs to burn off... But it has been a few weeks now that she has owned this car.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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