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Review my blown turbo shortblock replacement plan
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I picked up a 2005 LGT with a blown turbo, 180k for cheap. The car was running smoothly when I bought it but making no boost. I pulled the turbo, and both turbine and compressor are damaged. I found metal flakes in the oil, then pulled the pan and found more metal flakes in the pan. Between the extensive damage to the turbo, knowing that the car was driven for at least 100 miles or so with blown turbo, and the metal flakes, I have decided that I need a new short block.

Here is what I am planning on buying for the motor:
Used 07 STI EJ257 short block, 11k miles, includes water pump - pulled from a totaled STI
2 new idlers, new tensioner, new timing belt
New oil cooler
New oil pump or rebuild using my current pump housing
New cam seals and valve cover gaskets
040 thickness head gaskets (I believe this will lower the EJ257 compression from 8.4:1 to about 8.1:1. With resurfaced heads, I'm hoping this will leave me pretty close to stock 8.2:1 compression)

My plan is to take the replacement short block with the parts listed above to a machine shop along with the current long block. I will have them disassemble the current long block, rework current heads as needed, and reassemble on the replacement short block. The cylinders compression tested within 5psi and motor ran smoothly, so I'm hopeful that heads are still OK. I will also thoroughly clean my current oil pan and intake manifold.

In addition to the motor itself. I will get the following:
New oil feed line and drain tube - considering IP&T oil feed
Used Catless uppipe
New turbo inlet
Used stock intercooler
Examine clutch and replace if needed
New turbo - I am still deciding, but I don't want to make this discussion about turbo selection or supporting mods. I know that it will be VF52/16g or smaller (possibly stock) and that I will initially run stock fueling, intercooler, clutch, and downpipe with custom, safe tune.

Is there anything I'm missing or general feedback on this plan?
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