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Originally Posted by compsurge View Post
What are symptoms of the whine? On-throttle only whine that goes away when you lift off the accelerator? A whine in any gear at 35+ mph? I had a whirring noise when in neutral and coasting at low speed (inaudible at speed). Eventually the whine turned into a marble-in-can sound.

Do a fluid change first (see what comes out).

Does it sound like this (start around 14 seconds)?

If so, it's most likely the center differential transfer driven gear bearings. $133 or so in parts cost to replace the 4 in the center differential case extension. The good news is (if you've got time and tools) that you can DIY this job in a weekend. You will need a shop press and a set of punches for roll pin removal (I used a set from Lowe's).

Here's the NASIOC thread on the issue.
Hey, I can't open the link for the sound.......I am curious because I am getting a new noise in conjunction with the normal gear whine I alway had around 40-45 mph. It sounds like a diff noise but it's coming from the trans area. I'd be curious to listen to that link. Right now I am just waiting for something to fail then I will know where the noise is from. I did pull some side/spider gear pieces off my rear diff drain plug magnet about 2 months ago.