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Originally Posted by compsurge View Post
What are symptoms of the whine? On-throttle only whine that goes away when you lift off the accelerator? A whine in any gear at 35+ mph? I had a whirring noise when in neutral and coasting at low speed (inaudible at speed). Eventually the whine turned into a marble-in-can sound.

Do a fluid change first (see what comes out).

Does it sound like this (start around 14 seconds)?

If so, it's most likely the center differential transfer driven gear bearings. $133 or so in parts cost to replace the 4 in the center differential case extension. The good news is (if you've got time and tools) that you can DIY this job in a weekend. You will need a shop press and a set of punches for roll pin removal (I used a set from Lowe's).

Here's the NASIOC thread on the issue.
Yeah, it sounds similar to that. No hint of a "marble in can" sound yet. But it's most present when I'm coasting in neutral because there's no exhaust to cover it up. the only time it's not present is when the car is stationary and when im coasting in gear. And I'll have the time to pull the diff off and check it out once I'm done with finals (I'm in college.)